About Municipality


Virudhachalam Municipality is a First grade Municipality. It is having a Population of 59300 as per 2001 Census. This Municipality is having 25.57. Sq.Km area.

This Municipality is maintaining 35.489 Km of Roads having more than 1770  Streetlights.

The Ancient Virudagreeswarar Temple is situated in the center of this Town, and the River Manimutha Nathi a holy river of South India is passing in the middle of the town.

Economic condition of the Town:

The Budget of Virudhachalam Municipality is Deficit. Besides that the Municipality has got Loan for various Improvement activities in the Previous Year.

Virudhachalam Municipality may Provide Rs 38 Lakhs as Capital Fund in the coming Finical Year after Allotting the Budget for the routine activity like Electricity Charges, Maintenance Charges, and Other activity and Liability for the Loans Availed.

Existing level of Service in Infra Structure Facilities:

The Quality of Urban life in Virudhachalam Town is not at satisfactory levels now. The Percapita availability of Water is only 89 lped as against the norms of 110 lped. The Solid Waste removal is only at 80% level. The Road and Storm water drains are in very pitiable condition. The Social service Viz Schools, Hospitals, Burial Grounds etc and Environmental Services Viz Parks, Play Grounds, Trees, Slaughter House facilities, Solid Waste Management etc require to be up graded.

Need of Infrastructure Improvement:

Due to fast pace of Urbanization the Residents expects all Civil Amenities on par with the other Improved Cities. Number of Household in the Town Increased Year by Year, and Generating Pressure on Basic Amenities. The Responsibility and burden of the Municipality have steadily been increasing.

All the Damaged Roads have to be improved to Motorable condition. Storm Water Drains have to be Constructed in coordination with Natural Shape and Quantity to be met in high usage periods. Environmental upgradation Projects like Park, Playgrounds, improvements to Burial Grounds, Free Plantation, improvement to Slaughter House etc have not been undertaken in the Municipality so far. the need for such Projects have been Keenly felt by the Public now.