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Tiruvannamalai Municipality was constituted on 01.04.1896, as per Go.No.577 dated 31.01.1896. It was upgraded as second Grade Municipality from 01.04.1959. subsequently, from 01.05.1974, it was upgraded as First Grade Municipality as per Go.No.1133 R.D. & L.A Department dated 29.04.1974. Afterwards, as per Go.No.85 Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department dated 22.05.1998, it was upgraded as Selection Grade Municipality from 01.05.1998.as per Go. No. 238 Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department dated 02.12.2008, it was upgraded as Special  Grade Municipality ... more

  Get your birth and death      certificates at Municipal      facilitation Counter

  Pay your property tax,      water charges,      professional tax,non tax at      facilitation      counter/collection      centers/authorised banks

  Get proper building plan      approval

 E-Governance at Tiruvannamalai Municipality is aimed to provide on-line citizen servicing hierarchies and monitor the performances. It is in practice that citizens are approached local bodies to pay their revenues, get certificates, approvals for construction of buildings etc...  more

Online Birth Certificates

Online Death Certificates