In Thiruthuraipoondi Municiaplity the Revenue collections like Property tax, Profession tax, and nontax and water charges are collected through computerized collection center at Municipal office.

A Computerised collection collection center at office premises is functioning to collect tax dues from the public directly and giving computerised bills. The office treasury is also computerized and the miscellaneous collection is going on through computer .
Births and Deaths are registered every day in the computer. Birth Certificates are issued through computer.

Thiruthuraipoondi Municipality is linked with all the Municipalities in Thanjavur region and with The Regional Director of Municipal Administration, Thanjavur through WAN connectivity.

One Assistant Programmer has been appointed by the Commissioner of Municipal Administration to look after computerization work and programming work of this Municipality.


Citizen Services includes the following items,

Birth Registration

Death  Registration

Property Tax

Profession Tax

Water Charges

Non - Tax  (Lease Items)

Assets  - Movable Property

Assets  -  Immovable Property

D & O and PFA ( Trade Licenses)

Building Plan Approvals

Application / File tracking

Overall DCB

Collection Details



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