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Thanjavur Town is Located in the center of Cauvery Delta region, an agricultural land surrounding the town. This town is located at a distance of 351 kms away from the state capital of Chennai and 50 kms from the regional growth foci of Tiruchirapalli. It is situated in 10’ 47” latitude. 19” 08’ longitude and 57m above mean sea level. The location of Thanjavur town serves as a transit point that is connected with adjoining towns by excellent road network systems. Vadavar and Vennar River drain Thanjavur town in the north, which flows from northeast to the western direction. This has helped for development of agriculture based activity around the town


S.No Particulars
1 General Information of the Town
a) Name of the Town - THANJAVUR
b) Town Class / Grade Special Grade
2 Census Information 1971 1981 1991 Current
a) Town Area 33.3 KM 33.3 KM 33.3 KM 36.3 KM
b) Population 162760 180170 205580 215725
c) o.of House Holds 32552 36034 41104 43360

Literacy Rate
Thanjavur shown an appreciable trend in literacy rate with 75% of Literate registered in the town. when compared to the state level average of 62.66% in 1991. The female literacy rate has shown a significant growth compared to total literate in 1991. The growth of male literate recorded from 78% to 81% and the growth of female literate is recorded from 63% to 70% between 1981 and 1991. This may be due to the availability of good education institutions.

Occupational Pattern
The occupational pattern of work force involved in various sectors, indicate that majority of them are engaged in Tertiary activities, that as trade and commerce, which occupies 70% of the total workers. The secondary section employs 22.52% of the total workers population and occupies the second position in the overall occupational pattern. The expansion of town area and limited agriculture activities offer only 7% of employment under this service.

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