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The places of interest in Thanjore Town


Bragatheeswarar Temple


The Big Temple. Rajaraja Cholan, the Great Chola king built Bragatheeswarar Temple. Big Temple is an example for the Indian sculptural architecture greatness. Temple is surrounded by moat on two sides and Grand Anaicut river on the other side. This temple is unique to have the tallest tower over the sanctum sanctorum unlike the other temples. It is 216 feet tall. The stupa at the top is made of bronze.The walls of the sanctum are covered, with the wall paintings of Chola and Nayak periods, comparable to the famous Ajanta cave frescoes.


Guarding the inner shrine of the temple, is the gigantic statue of Nandi, the Bull. The Nandi is 12 feet tall, 191/2 feet long and 81/4 feet wide. And it weighs around 25 tons. Nayaka kings constructed a Mandapam for the Nandi to protect it from sun and rain.

    Saraswathi Mahal Library

This library has one of the most important oriental manuscripts collections, in India. Established around 1700 AD, the library contains a collection of over 44,000 palm leaf, and paper manuscripts in Indian and European languages. Over eighty per cent of its manuscripts are in Sanskrit, many on palm leaves, some very rare or even unique. The Tamil works includes treatises on medicine, and commentaries on works from the Sangam period.


The Palace, on the east main street is a series of large and rambling buildings of fine masonry, built partly by the Nayaks around 1550 AD, and partly by the Marathas.On the southern side of the third quadrangle is a Vimana like building, 190 feet high with eight storeys and it is the Goodagopuram. Madamaligai is the tower which rises from the palace roof beyond the Goodagopuram. It has six storeys.

    Sivagangai Garden

A very beautiful park, located north of the big temple. It has a good collection of beautiful flower plants and birds and animals.

    Punnai Nallur Mariamman Kovil

Its around 4 Kms from the town.

    Tamil University

Established in 1981, the university is engaged in research and advanced study in Tamil. Tamil University Museum has a collection coins and musical instruments.

    Rajarajan Manimandapam

Constructed on the eve of the World Tamil conference held at Thanjavur. It is a beautiful park.

    Schwartz Church

In the palace garden, this church was built in 1779 A.D by Rajah Serfoji in token of his affection for the Rev. C.V. Schwartz of the Danish Mission.

    Archeological Museum

Houses an interesting collection of sculpture.

    Tamil University Museum
      Contains coins and musical instruments.
    Saraswathi Mahal Library Museum

One of the most important oriental manuscript collections in India, closed to the public, but by scholars from all over the world. Over eighty percent of its 44,000 manuscripts are in Sanskrit, many on palm-leafs, and some very rare or even unique.

    Nayak Durbar Hall Art Museum and Rajaraja Chola Museum

Contains magnificent collection of Chola Bronzes-all discovered locally -fills the Nayak Durbar Hall Art Museum and next door, the Rajaraja Cholan Museum houses Chola stone sculpture etc.

    Places of interest around the town and in Greater Thanjavur district

Darasuram, 34 Kms away, has a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which was built by Rajendra Chola. It also boasts a silk weaving centre.


Famous for the Mahamaham festival held every 12 years, Kumbakonam, 36 Kms from Tanjore, also boasts of five temples. The important ones among them are Sarangapani, Kumbeswarar, Nageswara and Ramaswamy temples. These temples are noted for their semi erotic sculpture.


Rajagopala Temple, Lord Krishna is featured as Rajagopala in Rajagopala Temple, Mannargudi. This temple was constructed in the 12th century and received patronage from the Nayaka Kings.


Used to be called Mayuram, situated on the banks of river Cauvery. Mayuranatha Swami temple, Parimala Ranganatha Swamy temple, Kasi Vishwanatha Swamy temple, Punukeeswarar temple, Vadhanyeswarar temple and Ayyarappar temple are some of the famous temples in Mayiladuthurai.

      65 Kms away, has a 8 storey victory tower, built by Raja Serfoji.

88 Kms away, is a famous Muslim pilgrimage site. People of all faiths visit the Nagore durgah.

    Point Calimere

112 Kms away, is a famous bird sanctuary, known for its migratory water birds, especially flamingoes. The best time to visit is the period from November to January


Was the capital and port city of Cholas, also called as Kaveeripumpattinam, as the river Cauvery drains into the Bay of Bengal here only. Kovalan and Kannagi of the great epic Silappathikaram, written by Ilangovadigal, lived in this town. "Silappathikara Kalaikkodam" a panorama of sculptures depicting scenes from Silappathikaram.

    Poondi Matha Kovil

A very famous Catholic church for Matha. People of all faiths visit the church.

    Puliyur Vyagrapureeswarar Temple

Around 80 Kms from Thanjavur, situated 3/4 Km North of Ramarmadam Busstop in Nagapattinam - Tiruvarur Main Road. The ancient history says Kamadhenu, the devalogha cow prayed to Lord shiva in this shrine to get rid of its sabam. One more speciality about this temple, on evenings, Nataraja is worshipped first prior to all other gods. This is also referred as Dhakshina Chidambaram. chidambaram is where famous temple of lord Nataraja located. This village is also called as Vyagrapuri named after the lord.

    Sikkal singaravelavar Temple

Around 80 Kms from Thanjavur situated in Nagapattinam Tiruvarur Main Road. The ancient history says here only Lord Murugan got the 'Sakthi Vel' from Parvathi (refered as Velnedunkanni amman in this temple ) and killed Suran. This temple is one of the few temples in Tamilnadu which has both Siva and Vishnu in the same campus. The 'Vel vankuthal' festival in the Tamil month of Iyappasi is very famous here.


Goddess Parvathi gave Gnana milk to Thirugnana Sambandar here, when he was a child. After this, he sang the famous Devaram. Lord Shiva as Thoniappar resides in a thoni (boat). The boat symbolizes that Thoniappar helps people cross their sea of birth. Every year during Thiruvadirai Nakshatra of Chiithirai month, the famous Thirumulaippal Utsav is held.


Located 32 Kms away, Swamimalai is one of the six abodes (Arupadaiveedu) dedicated to Lord Murugan. Lord Murugan preached Pranava mantra "OM" to Lord Shiva and that why he is called Swaminathan. The 60 steps to the temple indicate the 60 years of the Tamil calendar. This temple is praised by Arunagirinadar. Every Thursday, Lord Swaminathan is decorated with Diamond Vel.


45 Kms away, Thirubuvanam has a 13th century Chola temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Also well known for its silk weaving industry.


The temples at Thirukandiyur are dedicated to Brahmasirekandeswarar and Harshavimochana Perumal, and are famous for their fine sculptural work


101 Kms away, is famous for its temple dedicated to Lord Saneeswara.


13 Kms from Thanjavur, where the famous saint Thyagaraja lived and attained samadhi. The famous temple at Thiruvaiyaru is dedicated to Shiva, and is known as Panchanatheswara. An eight day music festival is held here, every January, in honour of the saint.


55 Kms away from Thanjavur. The Thyagarajaswami Temple is famous for the largest temple chariot in Tamil Nadu. This vast temple houses Thyagaraja, Kamalamba and Vanmikanathar and has been sung by the Saiva Saints. The pillars and the halls here are of great beauty. Rajaraja Cholan was an ardent devotee of Thyagarajaswami. This temple is also referred to as a Prithvi (Earth) Sthalam. Thiruvarur is also the birth place of saint Thyagaraja.

    Vaitheeswaran Kovil

Vaitheeswaran, Thaiyal Nayaki, Muthukumaraswamy (Shiva, Parvathi, Subramanya Swamy) An ancient temple dedicated to Shiva - as Vaitheeswaran literally meaning the divine provider of cures. Adorned with imposing towers, Mandapams and pillars, this well visited shrine has been sung by the Saivite Saint Poets. It is of said that Angarakan - Mars, Kartikeya, Jatayu and the Rig Veda worshipped Shiva here. This shrine is also referred to as an Angarakasthalam.




104 Kms away, is renowned for the festivals held on full moon day, in July-August and January-February.



    Vellankanni Shrine of Our Lady of Vailankanni

90 Kms away, noted for the church dedicated to 'Our Lady of Health', attracts devotees of all faiths.

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