About City

Location of the town

                Sivagangai municipality is located at a distance of 35 km from Thirupathur and 20  km from ManaMadurai highway and it is situated at an altitude of +102.41 from the sea level.      The  location of  the town is latitude from N9° 43' to 10° 2' and longitude from E 77° 47' to 78° 49'. The maximum temperature is 39°C and the minimum temperature is 28° C . The average annual  rain fall is 336.2mm.

               Sivagangai Municipality is spread over an area of 6.97 sqkm with a population of  40220    ( as per 2001census) .This is a First grade Municipality and it is also District Head quarters.    This municipality was constituted as third grade municipality on 1.4.1965 and upgraded as First   Grade Municipality from 22.5.1998 as per G.O.MS No 85 MA&WS dated 22.5.1998.

Transportation Linkages

              The five major roads namely to Madurai,Thiruppatur, ManaMadurai, Ilayangudi and     Thondi road passing through Sivagangai town. All these road carry heavy traffic leading to congestion in the city.


               The maximum temperature during summer is 39°c and during winter it is 28°c. The minimum temperature varies from 24.5°c to 26.0°c. The seasonal climate conditions are moderate and the weather is uniformly salubrious.

Rain Fall

               The town gets major rainfall during the North East monsoon period. The Annual normal rainfall varies from 336.2 mm . The average annual rainfall being received in the town is 770 mm.

Nature of Soil

                 The major group of soils that are found in the town is red variety.