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Water Supply Details










The Municipality constituted from 1.10.1992 . The water supply scheme was completed during the year 1992 and handed over to municipality on 18.02.1996.
Before 1992 , the municipality was not having any protected water supply system . The drinking water supplied only through 217 nos. Of Hand pumps and 2 Nos of Power pumps with small service reservoirs of capacity 50,000 litres each at Kovilpathu and keelathenpathy slum packets. The protected water supply was implemented from 18.7.1996 by new schemes executed by TWAD Board.

The details of the scheme on completion is as detailed below.

1.Source :-

The source for the scheme is in Coleroon Perennial river which flows at a distance of 16 km west side of Sirkazhi Town at Sidhamalli village . The site selected with well Sorted river sand available was selected to provide 5 Nos. Of infilteration wells in Colleroon river.

2.Head works :-

The water from the above 5 wells is pumped by 5H.P submersible Pump sets with duty of 715 lpm (2 sets for each well and one set as stand by totally 10 Nos with 20 m head each ) to a common sump cum pump room through 5 Nos of each independent connection main laid in 100 mm CI D/F pipes for a total length of 1014 mtrs.

3. Connecting main :-

100 mm CI pipe have been laid from infiltration wells to sump as a connecting main in five parallel lines to a length of about 1014 mtrs total length the pumbed water is being conveyed from infiltration wells to sump cum pumb house. These pipes are rigidly fixed below water level. main anchorage arrangement along with cables using mild steel angles bold and nuts to avoid dislocation on alignment of pipe line during flood and to protect against scouring action.

4. Pumb Room

The common sump cum Pumb house is 8.00 m dia and the capacity of the sump is 1.50 lakhs litres has constructed to collected the water from infiltration well to collection sump is again pumped to service reservoir constructed at Sirkazhi town by means of 50 H.P Centrifugal pump with a discharge of 3558 lpm against 38 mts head which is installed at Pump House. The controlling switches of submersible pumpsets 5 Nos are also installed in the pump room.

5. Transmission main :

The transmission main is laid to meet the requirements of ultimate population of 54900 in the year 2011 through which the water being conveyed from sump cum pump house to service reservoir by means of Centrifugal pump sets.
350 mm AC-CI-10 Pipes including 350 CI Pipes = From LS 0.00 m to 12567.05
300 mm AC-CI-10 Pipes including 350 CI Pipes = From LS 12567.05 to 15484.05

(i.e) 350 mm AC CI-10 Pipes = 12460.20

350 mm CI pipes = 106.85

350 mm AC CI-10 Pipes = 2823.50 = 93.50
Total = 15283.70 + 200.35
Total = 15484.05 m

At present 6 Nos of 350 mm Sluice valves , 5 Nos of 200 mm scour Valves , 9 Nos of double air valves are provided along the alignment of transmission Main.

6. Service Reservoir:

Service reservoir of 12.00 lakhs litres capacity (12.00 m staging height) at Sirkazhi has been constructed . The water collected from Head works are distributed to the public of Sirkazhi Municipality by network system “o” distribution line through public fountain 88 Nos and 217 House service connections.


Water Supply


Hand Pumps -Filter point
India Mark II - Hand Pumb
Mini Power Pump
Over Head Tank
Distribution Line
Public Tap

No. of House

Service Connection
Quantity of Watersupply Daily
Per Capita Watersupply Per Day

247 Nos.
15 Nos
6 Nos.
1 No.(Capacity : 12 Lakhs Litres)
48.688 Km.
66 Nos.

263 Nos.

20 Lakhs Litres
62 Litres

Copyright 2005 by Department Of Municipal Administration And Water Supply