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About City

Sengottai town lies in the Tirunelveli district , Sengottai is one of the most important agricultural centers of Tamil Nadu. The town is situated at a distance of 668 kms to the South of Chennai.
River Chittar originating from the Western Ghats and flowing through the city center in the easterly direction and the Western Ghats on the near east, are the major geographical features of this region.
Spread over an area of 2.68 sq. kms.. With a population of over 26,814 the economy of the town revolves around the cultivation of rice.

Transportation Linkages

The town is well connected, by Tirunelveli - Quilon with Kerala State, and a Major District road with Madurai. The town is also linked with Quilon ,Tirunelveli and Madurai Railway line.




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