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Maraimalai Nagar Municipality Comprised of Kattankulathur, Potheri, and Thirukatchur, Peramanur villages and constituted as Third grade Municipality in 2004. As per GO(MS)No.154 dated 09.08.2010 upGrade as a Special Grade Municipality. The town is divided in to 21 wards. The extent of Municipal Area is 58.08 sq.km.

Maraimalai Nagar is the Head quarters town of Maraimalai Nagar Municipality in Kancheepuram district. Maraimalai Nagar town is located in the south direction at a distance of 81 km from chennai. It is situated at 12'41'30" latitude and 74'58'00" longitude and 28m elevated from M.S.L,

Domographic Characteristics

Population Growth

Population studies refers to the study of the size, compositions and spatial distribution of population and change over time. It is very important in the preparation of master plan. This forms basic yard stick for the estimation of space needs for various categories of land use.
The decade wise population growth of the Maraimalar Nagar Town is shown below.

Population Density


Ward No




1 to 21




Agricultural activities

777.83 Hectares of Lands are Cultivated in Maraimalai Nagar Area Main Crops Cultivated in this area are Paddy, Sugarcane, Groundnut, raggi, etc., Water sources for irrigation: Palar River water source, Nandhivaram-Guduvanchery river water source and Local sources

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