The introduction of E-governance in Kilakarai Municipality offers the online Citizen services. All information related to Kilakarai Municipality is easily accessible to the Public. It obviates the need to visit Kilakarai Municipality in person to pay tax, or to get certificates such as Birth and Death, Building Plan, Trade License etc. The facility E-governance offers is such that the Public can remit their taxes in the Citizen Counters and Facilitation counters nearest to their residences.

The E-governance has ensured transparency and the residents can easily know about the dues they have to pay to the kilakarai Municipality and information they want to know at any place at any time. Collection of Taxes due to Kilakarai Municipality will considerably increase due to counter collection.

Owing to the Advanced Technology in communication and Information, the database server of the Municipality is connected with the Facilitation Counter by means of Local Area Net Work. The Wide Area Net Work and Dynamic Website is in the Offing.

The Following Modules are Computerised

1. Property Tax,

2. Water charges

3. Non Tax

4. Profession Tax

5. Birth and Death

6. Miscellaneous Collections

7. D&O, PFA  Trade Licences

8. Payroll and PIS



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