As a first local body institution of Tamil Nadu, we take pride and immense pleasure in announcing that our administration has embraced E-Governance. Through this the website, we hope that the administration will be able to enlighten the public more effectively about its activities and this will also pave the way for better, efficient and prompt administration.

At present the municipality offers its citizens the following services under our E-governance program. The web site has a special E-Governance module that allows visitors to view the current projects to be implemented by the municipal as well as find out current status of each project. A backend tool for the E-Governance module of the web site allows Municipality officials to update project progress online so the latest project information is always available to visitors. The Web site provides extensive information on the Municipality ranging from historical background on Anakaputhur to the present status of the Municipality. The details available on the web site can be accessed by user worldwide via the Internet.

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