In Vedaraniyam Municipality Door to Door collection of Seggregated Garbage is done in Three (7, 8 & 16) wards from 1.4.2005. Collection of Garbage is done by 5 teams of sanitary workers with 5 push carts. The area of each team is allotted and the team with 2 Sanitary workers seggregate the plastic wastes from garbage and it is bundled in cement bags and it is kept in separate places.

Seggregated garbages are collected in Collection points of 20 Numbers and it is transforted to compost yard by Two Tipper Lorries.

Total Solid waste generate / day

8.00 MT

Total Solid waste collection / day

6.00 MT

% of collection


Frequency of collection


No. of dustbins provided


Per capita Waste Generation

250 gms

Per Capita Waste collection

250 gms

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