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Thiruvallur town is located at a distance of 42 Kms. west of Chennai City. This lies on chennai Bangalore broad gauge railway line and Chennai Thirupathi Trunk road. It is situated 13 9” North latitude and 79 55” E longitude. Thepresent extent of this town is 10.65 Sq.Kms., Poondi reservoir from where drinking water is drawn to Chennai city is at about 9 Kms. from this town, Map No.(1) depicts the location of Thiruvallur Town.


Population Growth Trends:

Tamil Nadu state is one of the most urbanized state as per 1991 census. It is endowed with large number of urban settlements. Thiruvallur is a class I town having a population of 45732 as per 2001 census and 54416 as estimated by mid 2011. District Collector office in functioning in Thiruvallur Town and also many District Level Govt Offices are shifted and located in Thiruvallur Town. The sizeable increase in population between 1991-2001 is mainly due to shifting of district level Government Offices expecially from 1997 on wards and floating Populationof the town daily is about 5,000

Density :

Population density of Thiruvallur has more than doubled in the paste three decades. Spread over an area of 27.19 sq. km. the city has a density of 300 persons/ With rapid growth of population, the density rose to 6000 persons/ in 1981 and to 8600 persons/ by 1991. The development largely concentrated along the northern side of the River Noyyal.
Literacy Rates
Literacy levels of Tiruvallur have always been higher that state literacy levels. With a total literacy rate of 66% in the year 1991, the city has shown substantial increase to the 43.49% literacy levels in the year 1961.


The Economic base of the town is mainly derived from small trading and servicing activities. This town being the head quarters of Tiruvallur District since 1997, many district level Government offices attract sizable commuters daily and infact, they contribute to comparatively better economic development of this town,in view of the raising population of the town.

Town Profile :

Located in the Tiruvallur district of the state, Tiruvallur is one of the important industrial centers of Tamil Nadu. The town is situated at a distance of 50 kms to the West of Chennai.

Infrastructure :

The town has been well connected with road network system. Round the clock Rail and bus facilities are available and there is direct rail linkage to Delhi. Large numbers of Hospitals with sophisticated equipments are located in the town.

Agriculture :

The town is well developed. The town has been grown commercially.

Transport :

Government Transport Corporations play number of buses. Private transports and mini bus services are also operated day and night. Bus stand with all its facilities is housed in the heart of the town. There is a good transport net work system in the town.

Land Use and Growth Management

Local Planning Area

Tiruvallur has attracted extensive changes in the development process. The migration of rural population to the city, conversion of agriculture lands for non-agricultural uses are some of the major changes in the city’s growth.Land Use in the LPA-1984

The city that existed as isolated pockets of developed areas has gradually experienced unabated growth spreading over to peripheral areas. In order to ensure a planned growth of the city and its surroundings, the Government of Tamilnadu has declared Tiruvallur Local Planning Area comprising of 15 village Panchayats and one Town Panchayat of the region, in the year 1974.

The area constitued 5 Villages in Tiruvallur Taluk The Local Planning Authority (LPA) responsible for preparing and executing the master plan of was constituted in the year 1971. The first master plan so prepared by the agency in the year 1981 valid till the year 2001 is presently being implemented in the city.

Review of Land use changes Of the total 10.65 sq. km. of area only. (12.7% of the area) of was developed by the year 1981. On the other hand the master plan proposed 44% of the total area to be developed by the year 2001. The developments in the municipal area have largely been concentrated along the railway line and River koovam. While the residential developments were focused on the northern side of the railway line, the commercial developments were concentrated around the bus stand and the municipal office. Growth of industries initially started place within the municipal limits,

Proposed Land Use -2001

Use Area Achetor
Residential 1371.78
Commercial 52.07
Industrial 226.87
Education 41.57
Public & Semi Pub. 204.38
Agricultural 714.54
Total 2611.21

The industrial land use in 1984 was around 15% of the developed area and the master plan stipulates a use of around 18% of the developed area by the year 2001. But as per the present predictions, the industrial use is estimated to be around 20% of the developed area. The growth has been attributed to the growth of knitwear industry and subsequent conversion of agriculture land into industrial use.