The Town Planning Officer is entrusted with the responsibility of Town Planning activities. This branch looks after regulation of building activities / lay out and other planning permissions. The planning permission is granted by Local  Authority under delegation power given by CMDA at certain limits and the Building permission is granted by the Executive Officer / Commissioner.

Granting of Building permissions

As per Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority order, those buildings and plots which were inexistence, prior to 5.8.1975, were deemed to be permitted in Municipal area. Further, in the case of unapproved subdivisioned layouts and buildings, prior to 31.12.1989, if proper approach roads were shown from municipal roads, then permissions were given after collecting necessary fees for them. (Regularisation charges and open space reservation charges if applicable).

For the subdivision of plots, having an Extent, not exceeding 1000 Sq. Meters prior to 31.12.1989; if proper municipal roads were formed; then 5 plots were permitted subject to Development Control Rules. For Exceeding 1000 Sq. Meters, the proposals sent to C.M.D.A., for consideration. In the case of buildings, having 300 Sq. Meters area and 6 residential units, permissions were given by the municipality, subject to D.C. Rules.

For the unapproved plots and unauthorised constructed buildings prior to 1989 Exemption permissions were given by CMDA for the years 1999, 2001, 2002 under “REGULARISATION SCHEME” after getting necessary fees.

Functions / Services

  • Granting permission for construction or alteration of building
  • Lay out / sub division plan approval
  • Action against unauthorised constructions, Deviated constructions and removal of  encroachments
  • Implementation of Master Plan
  • Preparation of Government projects such as bus stand, Slaughter House, Under Ground Drainage schemes, Water supply schemes, etc.

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