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Kilakarai was constituted as a panchayat in the year 1885. As per G.O. No. 1157LN, date: 03.12.1885. And it has been upgraded as a Special Town Panchayat as per Director of Town Panchayat, Madras as per G.O. No. 1481/82/J5, Dated on 25.1.1982 and then this municipality is upgraded as per G.O. No. 300 and 301 Dated on 24.08.2004 as a Third Grade Municipality. More ...


Get your birth and death certificates at Municipal facilitation Counter

Pay your property tax,water charges,professional tax,non tax at facilitation counter/collection centers/authorised banks

Get proper building plan



The introduction of E-governance in Kilakarai Municipality offers the online Citizen services. All information related to Kilakarai Municipality is easily accessible to the Public. More ...

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